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Counselor's Corner

uhs counselor

The Uvalde CISD Counseling Department will empower each student to achieve academic success, attain emotional/social well-being, and become productive, responsible citizens through a comprehensive program.  We believe each student deserves a safe and supportive environment. We commit to laying this foundation through partnerships with students, parents, staff, and the community.

Kelley Hilthon
Lead Counselor (A-GAR)

Clarissa Escamilla
(Gard-REI) Counselor

Martha Torres-Garcia
(Ren-Z) Counselor

Marilyn Brown
ECHS Counselor

Miranda Dvorak
Crossroads/DAEP Counselor

Mission Statement:   The Uvalde CISD Comprehensive Counseling Program provides intentionally-planned and coordinated activities to assist all students in their education, career, personal, and social development.